Positive trends & Opportunities / Risks & threats in aconnected world of Information Age

In today’s world of Information, many disruptive changes are taking place, at incredible pace: they are Game changers, creating new paradigm shift

Positive trends – opportunities:

Ying Ynag

– Open source information disclosure and sharing is possible

– Collaborative economy, Creative commons: emergence of a Netizens class worldwide

– Massive scale online collaboration for Common good

– Information Viral diffusion : the world is flat, timeless information  diffusion worldwide

– Censorship become almost impossible in a fluid information society (but Propaganda remains)

– Wired world empowers Netizens who can unite for positive actions (once they realize it)

– P2P disruptions allow dis-intermediation accross all secors, gloabally

– In the knowledge Economy, Information curation has no limit (intangible assets creation is limitless)

– Collective utopic evolution is possible, in a collaborative world common good is stronger than selfish behavior

– We have the tool for collective evolution and spiritual enlightenment, Act for common good

– Dictators and tyrants are losing grip to divide , scare masses in a connected world

– Knowledge and information can be stored and shared like never before globally at fractional cost

– Collaboration become a winning force versus Selfish behavior (sharing resources empowers Netizens collectivelly)

– many collective and massive scale online collaboration programs become possible, we just need to think BIG

– Scallability is cheaper in the new Zero marginal cost society

Risks, challenges and Threat:

big brother

– Innovation and change pace make it even more complex to understand/reflect analyse

– Information overload increase the risk of confusion, propaganda, disinformation, lies….

– Mankind has never seen so fast and disruptive changes taking place: Independent thinking & big picture vision is complex

– Collaboration and collective evolution is threatened by Big Brother watching us, Voluntary Disinformation rewriting history

– Distinguishing facts from fiction, truth from Lies/propaganda becomes complicated

– State spying , disinformation becomes increasingly organized

– reality and fiction become increasingly difficult to separate/ recognize

– right for data privacy, information self disclosure are at risks

– Conservation , authentication of Numeric information is a challenge for the posterity

– World changing so quick that world wisdom and understanding may be lagging

– State and ruling power losing grip on existing power creates new danger: if Collective evolution is not shared gloablly