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Today starts the 3rd Open Data Conference 2015 , the Future of Open Data (free information) is of Huge importance in the information society we are living in.

You can follow all the conference with live stream

in my Opinion the stakes are high for the future of humanity in a connected digital world:

Open data world =  Empowered Netizens = Collective evolution with Open data Curation

Closed Data world = Big brother world



Large Scale Collaboration

What is Massive scale online collaboration?

Examples of Large scale online Collaboration:

– Wikipedia

– Capcha

Positive trends & Opportunities / Risks & threats in aconnected world of Information Age

In today’s world of Information, many disruptive changes are taking place, at incredible pace: they are Game changers, creating new paradigm shift

Positive trends – opportunities:

Ying Ynag

– Open source information disclosure and sharing is possible

– Collaborative economy, Creative commons: emergence of a Netizens class worldwide

– Massive scale online collaboration for Common good

– Information Viral diffusion : the world is flat, timeless information  diffusion worldwide

– Censorship become almost impossible in a fluid information society (but Propaganda remains)

– Wired world empowers Netizens who can unite for positive actions (once they realize it)

– P2P disruptions allow dis-intermediation accross all secors, gloabally

– In the knowledge Economy, Information curation has no limit (intangible assets creation is limitless)

– Collective utopic evolution is possible, in a collaborative world common good is stronger than selfish behavior

– We have the tool for collective evolution and spiritual enlightenment, Act for common good

– Dictators and tyrants are losing grip to divide , scare masses in a connected world

– Knowledge and information can be stored and shared like never before globally at fractional cost

– Collaboration become a winning force versus Selfish behavior (sharing resources empowers Netizens collectivelly)

– many collective and massive scale online collaboration programs become possible, we just need to think BIG

– Scallability is cheaper in the new Zero marginal cost society

Risks, challenges and Threat:

big brother

– Innovation and change pace make it even more complex to understand/reflect analyse

– Information overload increase the risk of confusion, propaganda, disinformation, lies….

– Mankind has never seen so fast and disruptive changes taking place: Independent thinking & big picture vision is complex

– Collaboration and collective evolution is threatened by Big Brother watching us, Voluntary Disinformation rewriting history

– Distinguishing facts from fiction, truth from Lies/propaganda becomes complicated

– State spying , disinformation becomes increasingly organized

– reality and fiction become increasingly difficult to separate/ recognize

– right for data privacy, information self disclosure are at risks

– Conservation , authentication of Numeric information is a challenge for the posterity

– World changing so quick that world wisdom and understanding may be lagging

– State and ruling power losing grip on existing power creates new danger: if Collective evolution is not shared gloablly

Aston IT Finance receive Innovation Award 2030, Big Data Category

Aston IT Finance Logo

Big data innovation awards

Press release

ASTON iTrade Finance , the SaaS 2.0 specialist of IT platform for total management of
Accounts Receivables (Supply Chain Finance), won the 2030 World Innovation Contest,
organized by the French government. Trade receivables, represents often more than 40 % of companies’s assets . A Source ofinternal cash, and of possible financing, Accounts receivables is an asset ofte underemployed by companies., that also requires an optimized management of it’s creditrisk.
Big Data applied to Finance, provides major advanced in terms of IT solutions in this area. It is in this context that ASTON iTrade Finance is the winner of the Global
Innovation Contest, announced the March 20th, 2014, in the Big Data category, of the
competition launched by the French government and chaired by Anne Lauvergeon .
ASTON ITF has been selected in this international competition from over 600 candidates.
ASTON ITF will receive an allocation of up to 20M euros over 3 years in order to
accelerate its R & D programs.

Aston IT Finance Logo

Aston IT Finance:

Information age / Networked society

Some of the big changes shaping the new world

I will add links and articles now and then 🙂

Documentary on the networked society

Ted presentation on large scale collaboration, which explains how networked society enables great new potential

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