The future explained to Bankers….Big Bang in Banking Tsunami Alert!

Not sure most Bankers are ready to read, understand, believe and realize what is clearly explained by reputable consultants….from Accenture.  It’s a bit like explaining Video games Sophistication to your grand parents….

It seems that more and more strategists and  Tech innovation’s observers agrees on the FAST coming BIG BANG in Banking, last large industry still largely unshaken until now….

Bitcoin timid emergence is just a warning sign, announcing the tilde wave/tsunami which will hit Banking in the coming decade, and all it’s aspects: Cloud computing, mobile banking and online collaboration, crow sourcing, peer to peer lending, fintech Innovation, gamification…… Are you getting it yet?

Get ready and embrace innovation & change, or become extinct Dinosaur in one generation 🙂

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Surf the coming huge innovation wave in Banking, or you will perish sooner than later 🙂 Friendly warning to conservative Bankers and Banksters. LOL


It’s seems like Science fiction to you, I think the after Big Bank will be even more surreal and different: a real paradigm shift for all Banks and worldwide…. I myself predict the death of Money as we know it today….New and innovative solutions and funky ideas are emerging from all fronts 🙂 . It’s going to be a rough and roll ride guys!


Aston IT Finance receive Innovation Award 2030, Big Data Category

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ASTON iTrade Finance , the SaaS 2.0 specialist of IT platform for total management of
Accounts Receivables (Supply Chain Finance), won the 2030 World Innovation Contest,
organized by the French government. Trade receivables, represents often more than 40 % of companies’s assets . A Source ofinternal cash, and of possible financing, Accounts receivables is an asset ofte underemployed by companies., that also requires an optimized management of it’s creditrisk.
Big Data applied to Finance, provides major advanced in terms of IT solutions in this area. It is in this context that ASTON iTrade Finance is the winner of the Global
Innovation Contest, announced the March 20th, 2014, in the Big Data category, of the
competition launched by the French government and chaired by Anne Lauvergeon .
ASTON ITF has been selected in this international competition from over 600 candidates.
ASTON ITF will receive an allocation of up to 20M euros over 3 years in order to
accelerate its R & D programs.

Aston IT Finance Logo

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