Decentralized Autonomous Society

We need truly decentralized Autonomous Society: the real Disrupting factor

The blockchain technology is a Game Changer
The “real” decentralized P2P or F2F networks are game changers



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Tribute to a GREAT Visionary: Leadership in Linking the World

Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider   may well be one of the most influential people in the history of computer science

He had the vision of an “Intergalactic Comptuer network” that bacame much later the ARPANET, then the Internet.

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Licklider Biography from M. Mitchell Waldrop

Proposed Declaration of the Rights of Netizens – Author Michael Hauben

social web

We Netizens have begun to put together a Declaration of the Rights of Netizens and are requesting from other Netizens contributions, ideas, and suggestions of what rights should be included. Following are some beginning ideas. The Declaration of the Rights of Netizens: —————————————— In recognition that the net represents a revolution in human communications that was built by a cooperative non-commercial process, the following Declaration of the Rights of the Netizen is presented for Netizen comment. As Netizens are those who take responsibility and care for the Net, the following are proposed to be their rights: o Universal access at no or low cost o Freedom of Electronic Expression to promote the exchange of knowledge without fear of reprisal:

o Uncensored Expression o Access to Broad Distribution o Universal and Equal access to knowledge and information o Consideration of one’s ideas on their merits

o No limitation to access to read, to post and to otherwise contribute

o Equal quality of connection

o Equal time of connection

o No Official Spokesperson

o Uphold the public grassroots purpose and participation

o Volunteer Contribution – no personal profit from the contribution freely given by others

o Protection of the public purpose from those who would use it for their private and money making purposes

The Net is not a Service, it is a Right. It is only valuable when it is collective and universal. Volunteer effort protects the intellectual and technological common-wealth that is being created. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE NET and NETIZENS. Inspiration from: RFC 3 (1969), Thomas Paine, Declaration of Independence (1776), Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789), NSF Acceptable Use Policy, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and the current cry for democracy worldwide.

Information Management & Data Curation

Data Curation is Key in our world overloaded with unprecedented Data creation.

unstructured   Digital Information created

How to make sense, sort and organize all these data? This is strategic for all in the wired Knowledge society.

This has been well studied and documented by information scientists and specialist for the realization of complex systems. It can be extended to most information systems, platform and collaboration ecosystem : Open data Curation, Big data visualization, Creative commons, massive scale collaboration , collective problem solving….

Data Curation – Linked data – Knowledge Management

Data Information Knowledge Data Curation  dynamic

data Info Knowledge Wisdom

Data need to be contextualized and understood to be linked an curated optimally.

Step by step approach: the different stage of Data Curation Explained, inpired by Maslow’s Pyramid of Human needs

Maslow Pyramidmaslow 2

Maslow’s pyramid of Human needs Can Be applied to data Curation , to generate virtuous spiral of data curation,( content creation, data linkng, data contextualization,  data Visualization Interaction,decision making leading to action)

Just Like Maslow Explained that needs need to be fulfilled step by step, Data Curation much follow such step to ensure Value Creation , in a Virtuous Circle. in 3 Stages:

Stage 1 :   RAW Data Curation (objective/scientific/material criterias)

Create, Collect verify a data (is a true data? Does it Exist? is is an accurate Data? is It Consistent data?

the Data then curated once becomes an information , that can be stored, dat stamped , archived


 Stage 2:   Contextualization/ qualification (Subjectivisation):

What does it mean? is it important information? is it relevant? what context does it belongs to? Important or useless Information? What does it refer, relate to?  Once curated the Information can start to be linked, exchanged…

the-linked-data-lifecycle Information management

Stage 3 :  Linking, exchange, visualization . Decision making Inter-action, change: : Information becomes Knowledge, idea creation

data action loop Triple-S-learning-feedback-loop_imagelarge       2.1_data-cleaning-integration1

The importance of the Feedback Loop come into place  In a complex system of Interaction. (see the work of  Joel de Rosnay, the Macroscpe 1979)

Feed back loop feedback loop

Virtuous spiral

Once these principles are implemented , controlled in a open collaborative way  the P2P and block chain seems perfect for that purpose) then many ecosystems with specific purpose of Goals can be created, collective problem solving can be implemented ….BIG data predictive analytic…

collective Intelligence

stigmegy powerful stigmergy

This can lead to the emergence of crowd collaboration and rapid raise of collective consciousness!

Open data

open data conference

Today starts the 3rd Open Data Conference 2015 , the Future of Open Data (free information) is of Huge importance in the information society we are living in.

You can follow all the conference with live stream

in my Opinion the stakes are high for the future of humanity in a connected digital world:

Open data world =  Empowered Netizens = Collective evolution with Open data Curation

Closed Data world = Big brother world